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Accessibility Guidelines

(Accessibility Guidelines for Instructors - Making accomodations for students with disabilities)

Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines

Resources on How to Make Your Files Accessible

Microsoft Word Files

Microsoft PowerPoint Files

Adobe Acrobat Files

Canvas Digital Accessibility

Making your Image, Audio, and Video Accessible

NOTE: All videos must be closed-captioned and all Audio clips must have a transcript.

Creating Hyperlinks

  • How do I create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor? (Canvas)
  • Use meaningful descriptions of what the link is when creating links. The linked text should make sense out of context.
  • Don't use the word "link" in the link description.
  • Avoid describing links with phrases such as "click here," "more information," and "read more."
  • Don't use the URL of the website in the link.

Other Helpful Links